HCR 81 Notary Study Committee Documents
(Updated 3/18/03)

Secretary of State’s Report & Recommendations
The text of the secretary of state’s report and recommendations to the legislature is published here as a special edition of Louisiana Notary. Items listed in the report as appendices are available below.

HCR81 Committee Documents
Complete minutes, subcommittee reports, and member reports filed for record in the HCR81 Study through the July 24, 2002 meeting. Optimized for printing. (600KB). To view individual documents, click on the links below. (Note: The minutes of the August 20 meeting and the October 8 (final) meeting are not appended to this document. Please obtain the minutes of meetings 4 & 5 below, available under “Study Committee Minutes”)

Louisiana Notary survey responses
Louisiana Notary March and May survey/questionnaire returns. Optimized for printing. (1219KB).

Individual Committee Documents
Legislative Resolutions
HCR 81–2001 Regular Legislative Session
HCR 39–2002 1st Extraordinary Legislative Session

Study Committee Minutes
Minutes–Meeting 1– January 17, 2002
Minutes–Meeting 2– February 27, 2002
Minutes–Meeting 3– July 24, 2002
Minutes–Meeting 4– August 20, 2002
Minutes–Meeting 5–October 8, 2002

Subcommittee Reports
Subcommittee #1 Standardized Testing

Subcommittee #2 Mandatory Continuing Education
Majority Report (Annotated to reflect amended paragraph)
Minority Report

Subcommittee #3 Monitoring and Enforcement of Standards
Report #1 filed 9/16 by three of the five original subcommittee members
          (Report #1 annotated with amendment of full committee)
Report #2 filed 9/24 by the current Ad Hoc subcommittee members

Member Reports
Paul Bello (Orleans Parish)
Proposed Revisions to Title 35 (5/28/02)

Alan Jennings (East Baton Rouge Parish)
Louisiana Notary Data Summary MCE & Statewide jurisdiction questions
Louisiana Notary Complete Survey Responses

Walter Brunty (Bossier Parish)
Comments (7/24/02)

Joetta Landry (Livingston Parish)
Letter (7/12/02)

James H. “Jim Estes” (Caddo Parish)
for the Professional Civil Law Notary Association of North Louisiana)
Summary and Conclusion 7/24/02